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recognition tool
Key Features:
  • sophisticated linguistically motivated statistical methods
  • embedded semantic and syntactic relation recognition routines
  • finding biologically meaningful relations between objects within text (e.g. the association between a given disease and known drugs)
  • false positive results recognition
  • unique Metalife developed algorithm to find alternative names (e.g. synonyms, acronyms, abbreviations) automatically from text
  • unique Metalife developed algorithm for automatic biological objects recognition within text (e.g. recognizes chemical structures within text without a priori knowledge)
recognition tool
Metalife Recognition Tool is a software application for online analysis of any type of scientific text.

The possibilities in mining in text are broadening with the advance of modern technology. Text expresses vast, reach range of information, which is not kept in a structured format and it is not easy to decipher that information automatically.

Going beyond the familiar systems that are dealing with information retrieval (which has the main goal of finding the query relative information) Metalife Recognition Tool is a software application for text mining in scientific literature. The main goal of Metalife when creating this tool was to design a software application that will help the researchers to extract new information from the big unexplored knowledgebase- the world of scientific texts, find common patterns, distinguish meaningful from meaningless information, find answers that are not currently known.

Via using text mining, new hypothesis could be found and later on they can be experimentally proven. However, in order to achieve that goals, sophisticated algorithms taking in mind different semantic constraints for finding these concepts within text are needed.

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Order installation of local copy of Recognition Tool!

Metalife offers installation of local copy of its products upon licensing. Ordering a local copy benefits private users with the following extra advantages:

  • Data security ensured by the management of all analyses and sources locally in your organization's secured network.
  • Impossibility of competitor companies to track down your searches in public resources and reveal your interests.
  • Custom development of project specific GUI features, new functionalities, DB sources.
  • Completely new decisions implementation upon request.