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Already in the last decades of the twentieth century, knowledge gradually and naturally replaced manual and mechanical labor, and affirmed its standing as the most important production factor for today's business. Knowledge management, i.e. generation, utilization and storage of various types of knowledge has proven to be a vital issue for any success-driven venture. The contemporary information technology, that is meant to facilitate knowledge management, has been appropriately labeled the DNA of the present-day era.

Metalife in Germany provides an impeccable information technology support for any organization willing to tame its expenses caused by the increasing need of powerful technological infrastructure and up-to-date high quality knowledge. Metalife's computer farm is hosted in the high-tech building of the Metapark Computer Center midst the picturesque environment of Winden in Germany. Taking advantage of the excellent resources of the Metapark Computer Center waves investments in costly hardware, software licensing and IT services, as well as the considerate effort to maintain those concurrent with the latest developments. Using the Metapark Computer Center makes the managerial overhead cost, personnel and premises expenses practically non-existent for the client company.

Metapark Computing Center offers much more value than a regular IT provider. Metalife utilizes its 10 years of life science knowledge management competence and is able not only to provide efficient infrastructure for storage of colossal amounts of data but also bioknowledge of utmost quality. Metalife supplies its clients with a plethora of sophisticated solutions that allow data retrieval, algorithm analysis, text mining and knowledge generation based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Hence the Metapark Computer Centre is not merely low cost and low maintenance data housing facility, but also a reliable partner in bioknowledge identification, generation, transformation and combination. Metalife has proven to be a versatile, customer orientated think tank when it comes down to exemplary bioknowledge management.

Metalife utilizes a large scalable computer farm consisting out of powerful servers with high availability, scalability and reliability. Metapark's solutions are characterized by agility and security. Metapark's Computing Center provides cost reduction, device and location independence, easier maintenance and resources and cost sharing among a large number of locations.

Metalife provides flexible commercial offerings that are strongly dependant on specific customers' service demands and are usually covered by individual service level agreements.

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