metalife bulgaria

Metalife Bulgaria was founded in year 2000 in Sofia, and has been serving as a principle software development unit for the Metagroup ever since. The company's office holds several floors in a modern building in the very heart of the Bulgarian capital and offers excellent conditions for a streamlined, as well as a creative work process. Metalife takes full advantage of the technological and scientific spillover effects resulting from the fact that Sofia is hosting a large majority of the Bulgarian universities and research institutions, including the national scientific academy.

Metalife Bulgaria is convinced that its strength lies in the superb skills of its team members. The company employs highly qualified professionals from the areas of informatics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, medicine and linguistics, as well as various interdisciplinary domains. The company provides the necessary supportive environment for the employees to keep up pace with current life science industry demands and arising issues within the scientific community. The Metalife team is always eager to learn new technologies and constantly validate their professional skill set. Therefore, Metalife DB experts are directly involved in the shaping of the information technology of today, for example while visiting the Microsoft Development Labs in Redmond, USA and sharing their experience on full text indexing and integration of bioinformatics algorithms (BLAST among others) within a MS SQL DB.

The large open spaces of the Metalife’s office allow both intensive communication and fast-paced interaction, and support accordingly the project team work flows typical for the company. The up-to-date, high-tech office equipment in Sofia provides the technical prerequisites not only for development of innovative, sophisticated software corresponding the requests and latent needs of life science enterprises, but also for remotely providing extensive customer support, online demonstrations and hands-on lab.

The technological expertise of Metalife Bulgaria is visible through the numerous MS certified team members, whereas the scientific competence is manifested in numerous publications with co-authoring Metalife team members. Furthermore, Metalife strongly encourages continuous education. Hence, Metalife is proud that many talented young people with extensive experience within the company are currently working towards PhDs in Europe and the USA.

Metalife is always looking for supporting skilled young people. If you’d like to join the motivated team in Sofia, please visit the Metalife career site. Should you want to challenge the life science competence of the Metalife team, please email at