metalife services

Metalife offers a broad range of solutions for life sciences research and development:
  • Ready-to-use standardized software solution (Metalife Trinity)
  • Company-wide solutions, individually tailored to specific needs
  • Third party software integration
  • Custom database integration
  • Custom database development
  • Custom automation of database updates
  • Custom tool development
  • Custom thesaurus development for text extraction
  • Custom automation of database updates
  • Custom API development
Metalife Trinity includes a full installation and support as single client solution or as integrated in your intranet entry point for a limited number of clients. The software package comes with more than 80 integrated ready-to-use life sciences databases including all publicly available data sources. Depending on the databases that are licensed by our customers, further sources may be added. Additionally we offer to integrate a limited number of in-house databases. All databases are automatically updated and maintained by our team. Metalife guarantees regular updates and 100% data consistency. Along with the installation of Metalife Trinity, we offer training workshops for the users and the staff.

Based on our specialized technology, we offer solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. The benfits of these include:
  • Native storage format that enables fast access to data
  • Correlation between proprietary data and other data sources
  • Powerful data retrieval and analysis
  • Optional integration into a given biological object model
  • Data analysis in conjunction with the worldwide life science knowledge
  • Minimized efforts for database maintenance
  • Maximized usage of in-house data
  • Optimized tools for analysis and use of in-house data that are addapted to our customer's specific needs
  • Proprietary thesauri derived from in-house text sources
  • Activation of hidden in-house knowledge

To ask a question, to discuss a solution, to request a service, to contract a price, to negotiate license, to become a private user, or just to get a professional advice – contact us!