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Key Features:
  • automatic compilation of protein dossiers from more than 80 data sources
  • detailed information that is structured according to the biological principles
  • text extracted information about interaction partners, pathway, diseases, etc.
  • minimized redundancy by integration of equivalent information
  • back traceable information sources
  • extensive search options including ontology or pathway browsing
  • classification of search results
  • precise filtering of results
  • rating and ranking of result output
  • intrinsic documentation of analyses
Metalife BioExplorer automatically compiles detailed dossiers about genes and proteins providing fast and easy access to the relevant information. These dossiers contain information compiled from more than 80 databases. Additionally, each entry includes information extracted from scientific publications. By utilizing metalife's sophisticated text extraction procedures BioExplorer summarizes knowledge about interaction partners, pathways or diseases that is otherwise hidden in the plethora of published text. Metalife BioExplorer offers detailed information that is categorized according to biological criteria. Among others, these categories comprise structure, function or variants of proteins. The information content of individual categories is compiled from diverse data sources. Equivalent information (e.g. variants, isoforms or fragments of proteins) is combined in single entries which dramatically reduces redundancy.

Hyperlinks allow the user to verify the information presented in the dossiers by tracing it back to its sources. For example, information extracted from text is always hyperlinked to the original citation.

Our powerful and flexible search engine provides extremely fast access to all information. The extensive search options give the opportunity for single box queries, specialized searches, and BLAST searches. The hierarchically categorized pathways and the ontology driven classification system allow browsing through the information with respect to particular functions and processes. The query results are classified according to the category that matches the query. The results are scored and ranked respectively. By selecting individual categories the user may restrict the number of hits. Also, multiple filtering options may be selected to refine the query further.

Order installation of local copy of Bioexplorer!

Metalife offers installation of local copy of its products upon licensing. Ordering a local copy benefits private users with the following extra advantages:

  • Data security ensured by the management of all analyses and sources locally in your organization's secured network.
  • Impossibility of competitor companies to track down your searches in public resources and reveal your interests.
  • Custom development of project specific GUI features, new functionalities, DB sources.
  • Completely new decisions implementation upon request.