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Key Features:
  • semantically consistent and biologically meaningful entities recognition
  • identification of associations and functional relationships between recognized entities
  • normalization, Unification and Disambiguation of found terms to avoid redundancy and distinguish results for seemingly equal terms which have different categorization
  • result filtering options: by categories, relation stringency levels, taxonomic specificity
  • schematic and table representation of the extracted information
  • save an entire workflow of analysis and reload it for examination and manipulation
  • quantitative estimation of the extracted information by various statistical parameters
Metalife MetaText is a text mining tool designed to cover different aspects of information extraction from biomedical literature in a variety of knowledge domains. Currently 23 distinct ontology-based vocabularies (thesauri) are available, structured to integrate different aspects of genome, proteome and metabolome analysis, cell structure, functions and processes, chemical and biochemical mechanisms, as well as organisms' taxonomy.

Metalife thesauri are derived by using various publicly available sources (NCBI, KEGG, UniProt, TAIR, GO, EMBL-EBI, CTD, MeSH, etc.) and are being further enriched and sophisticated in the process of doing miscellaneous tasks intending to meet customers' requirements.

MetaText combines powerful heuristic algorithms that are able to extract various biological objects (recognizing their synonyms, acronyms and spelling variants), construct phrases on the basis of syntax rules, give each of them specific ontology-based categorization, and further extract associations and functional relationships between terms and phrases. Thus, by distinguishing information from different knowledge domains Metalife MetaText is at the same time capable of integrating recognized knowledge by extracting relationships between combinations of different vocabularies (categories). Knowledge domains are being further expanded by building association networks, and analyzed data is being selectively filtered by user-defined criteria.

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Order installation of local copy of MetaText!

Metalife offers installation of local copy of its products upon licensing. Ordering a local copy benefits private users with the following extra advantages:

  • Data security ensured by the management of all analyses and sources locally in your organization's secured network.
  • Impossibility of competitor companies to track down your searches in public resources and reveal your interests.
  • Custom development of project specific GUI features, new functionalities, DB sources.
  • Completely new decisions implementation upon request.